Thursday 21 November 2013

Part V - Mission Accomplished - Before and After

After around full five weeks our bathroom renovation project was complete. Beautiful, functional and sleek , our new washroom is our relaxation spot now. It took quite some time but was totally worth it.

Just to recap I am going to list some materials that were used in the project in case somebody wants to imitate this great success:

1) Bathtub - Neptune Zen 3666 - Active Air
2) Faucets and Accessories - Riobel Zendo line
3) Floor tiles - Olympia Tile Regal Collection - colour : shell white matte - 12"x 12"
4) Wall tiles - Olympia Tile Archtech Collection - colour : Perlato - 12"x 24"
5) Accent tiles - Olympia Tile Archtech Collection- colour : Perlato - 1.00"x2.25"
6) Toilet - Toto Ultramax II
7) Sinks - Kholer - Ladena 18"x12"
8) Wall electrical fixtures - Modern Form LED -Royal Lighting

The following list of materials were provided by Parada Kitchens and Baths :

- Shower glass enclosure
- Countertop, bench and accents - Ceasar Stone Frosty Carrina
- Vanity and tub skirt
- Mirrors and medicine cabinet
- Electrical and plumbing supplies

Once again thank you Eno, Slavic and Mike for your excellent work and professionalism!

I also want to thank my son Fabian for brainstorming with me even before the project started and for providing his personal and professional support as an Architect.

And the most interesting part of this post are the before and after photos:

Bathroom before renovation:

Bathroom after renovation

And our bedroom was also painted and a new photographer's lamp added as an accent lighting.

Sunday 3 November 2013

Part IV- Fourth week - Almost there... :-)

Well, today Saturday November 2nd, pretty much a month since we started, I can say we are almost there. I have to recognize that I enjoyed the process. Seeing our new bathroom slowly being revitalized step by step was like a dream coming to life.

Needless to say I didn't enjoy looking for my clothes through different rooms in the house every morning or  to vacuum the floors every afternoon but " NO PAIN NO GAIN" is the motto here.

The fourth week was really exiting because all the aesthetic finishes became visible. Slavic finished the tiling , did part of the grouting , installed the tub with its corresponding faucets and finished painting the walls of the washroom.

The electrician came to connect some of the lights but he is not finished yet. The lights look amazing so far and I did try my bubling tub with an electrical extension, just looking at the bubles from the outside for now.

Today Eno came home to start the installation of the vanity and  also took the measurements for the countertop.  He ordered the glass panel and door for the shower too so, next week hopefully will be the final week for our bathroom renovation project. Yahooo!

 Once again I have to congratulate Slavic for his detailed oriented work and thank Eno very much for helping me design and direct the project and allow my so much dreamed washroom come to reality. Eno has shown that although we differ in styles and personalities, being mine more hectic and his a really Greek style: relaxed and calm he can get things done ( He looks as relaxed as somebody just watching at the Mediterranean Sea sometimes).

I have heard many times during the process :" Patricia you worry too much!" and may be I do.

 I also have to thank them both for their patience and willingness to share with me every detail of the process, step by step. Please see all the photos below:

Monday 28 October 2013

Part III -Third week - Hang in there ...

People always say that "time" comes to be a very subjective measurement, and that is sooo true. I am clearly not a very patient person so I get particulary anxious sometimes. I get very anxious when I start a project myself for instance, so I rush too much and I make a couple of mistakes that makes me start all over again. Could you imagine my anxiety when somebody else is doing the project for me? On the other hand my German side makes me be so stuck on details and preciseness that my stress level doesn't allow me to sleep so well in those situations.

All to say : I am sorry guys but you know that although I keep asking questions and looking at the time I truly believe your work is amazing so far. :-)

Slavic is a very detailed oriented and hard working person and I would feel very bad if he doesn't realize how much we appreciate the outstanding quality of work he delivers. I just think a couple of extra hands helping him a little bit will make his life much easier.

Eno knows me at this point so he is always ready for an extra question on "how , when or why".

What happened the past week:

Slavic installed the quartz surrounding for the bathtub and the window.The tub was presented in order to take some measurements. The ceiling and the walls were painted and the floor was prepared too. Summarizing all the preparation work to start tiling on the following week was done and this is just a summary of a lot of work being done in a week.

I will add some photos to make my conversation more interesting....

Here you can see some details of the shower walls and ceiling
The niche for my shampoo on the wall, cute!
A close up of the ceiling with the centered potlight.


The ceiling with the potlights almost on top of the tub
Later during the week Slavic completed the shower floor preparation for the small tiles.
More details of the ceiling with the fan too.

A close up of the little wall between the shower and the vanity.

More details of the preparation of the shower floor .

The tub on top of the quartz, nice...

 A detail of the three water jets and control of the shower .

And things get really interesting with the tiles on the shower wall.

Thank you for reading my post! There is more to come. Cheers!